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So far this year, my primary focus has been on putting together an exclusive collection of fabric designs for VIDA who manufacture excusite art-inspired scarves, clothing and accessories. VIDA is a global partnership which aims to connect and support both artists and manufacturers, creating stunning end products that are a cut-above average and which (of… read more

NEW shop for fabric, accessories and more

Truth be known, there has always been a frustrated product designer in me…and this year the ambition grew legs when I joined forces with well-respected print and manufacture company Bags of Love, based in London, so that I can set to work designing, well, all sorts. The starting point is my art combined with many… read more

NEW art photography website with prints to order

Announcing the creation of a brand new platform for sharing my art photography as a stand-alone product type available as high quality giclée prints!   Though photography has always been there as the foundation stone of my art practice, digital art is something I am currently developing with a view to extending this into a… read more

Henley Arts Trail

Am delighted to announce that a selection of my floral work will be on display at Venue 10 of the Henley Arts Trail next weekend, 30th April – 2nd May, in addition to two pieces which are already on display at Venue 1, The Old Firestation Gallery, Market Place, Henley-on-Thames. For full details of the… read more

Three American Art Awards 2015

I forget to mention here that I was the proud recipient of three more American Art Awards in 2015.   I received these prizes in the categories Portrait of Someone Not Famous (third prize for Blossoming), Fantasy Landscape (fifth prize for Field of Dreams) and Floral Realism (third prize for Aglow, left) from an award… read more

“Winged Wisdom” – self-portrait in oils

This self-portrait – Winged Wisdom – started in October 2015 and completed over three months later, was the product of a period of deep inner scrutiny at a time of life when ever-increasing white hair and fine lines seemed to be asserting many years of hard-gathered experience behind me.   Yet (this painting taught me)… read more

‘Wild’ Exhibition at Wargrave

Exhibition opening next week – ‘Wild’ at the Robin’s Nest Gallery in Wargrave on Thames.   A gorgeous gallery with an eclectic mix of sculpture, prints, photography, jewellery, pottery, originals and more – am very pleased indeed to be trying out this new space for my work for the next few weeks.   After a… read more

‘Light on Art’

A new blog-home for my art related posts has just been born! Light on Art is a new addition to my existing clutch of blogs and will focus entirely on art and the art-making process, keeping things fresh and visual. While I will continue to post news announcements in this space, I will be using the… read more

Alliums – again

Alliums are a favourite subject of mine; I love their almost architectural form – perfect spheres made up (when you look more closely) of so many intersecting stars; they are like a metaphor for the whole planet and they catch the light so brilliantly. These favourites have already appeared in a number of my paintings,… read more

Giverny by bike!

Visiting Monet’s house and garden at Giverny was a bucket-list experience for me and is up there with a handful of other artist and collectors homes that I have now visited, from Charleston and Kettle’s Yard to, more recently, Cezanne’s studio in Aix-en-Provence (highlights will take you to blog posts I have written about all… read more