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NEW shop for fabric, accessories and more

Truth be known, there has always been a frustrated product designer in me…and this year the ambition grew legs when I joined forces with well-respected print and manufacture company Bags of Love, based in London, so that I can set to work designing, well, all sorts. The starting point is my art combined with many… read more

Image licensing

If your business is looking for beautiful images to license for a creative project, advertising, book cover, computer app, editorial content, prints and cards, website design…the list is endless, then I’m pleased to announce I have joined Bridgeman Images, the world’s leading specialists in fine art reproduction. My back-catalogue of artwork is now being uploaded… read more

Purchasing originals

Since the very beginning of my years as an artist, I have always welcomed direct contact from my audience and opportunities to sell art without an intermediary – loving the opportunities this affords to chat to people and watch my work going off to just the right home – yet many people remain quite reticent… read more

Customise your own cards and canvas prints

Its almost a year since my fully customisable cards and canvas prints became available in the US, for worldwide delivery.   Well, now they are being printed in the UK as well, which means that cards can be customised, or canvases printed to a variety of sizes and finishes, and then shipped to any address… read more

Through the looking glass

The Spring Exhibition at Gallery Fifty Five has seen the launch of one of my brand new acrylic prints, which offer a whole new contemporary spin to some of my more familiar work. With this print of Incandescence, sealed under thick glass-like acrylic, which distorts and magnifies some of the detail in the loveliest way… read more

Before you order Art Prints…some tips

Its been such a thrill getting my art print ‘shop’ with Fine Art England up and running…and I’m still convinced this is the way forwards in terms of getting my art ‘out there’ to more and more people, far beyond the scope of local galleries. Before I really set to work promoting this, and to… read more

Helen White print shop open

More and more of you have been in touch asking about the possibility of purchasing prints and, I have to admit, this opens up a whole array of options, not least the many different ways of customising art to suit your wall or budget and, if you are on the other side of the world… read more

Helen White prints to paper and canvas now available

Something I’ve been asked fairly consistently for some time, by those who enjoy my work, is whether I make prints of my work available but, until recently, I had only ever offered reproductions of my pencil-work, assuming that it would be near impossible to reproduce my oil paintings to a standard that I was prepared… read more