40.00cm x 40.00cm oil on canvas, framed

Not for sale

Description of Winged wisdom

2016: Self-portrait, a flight of fancy and a nod to the kind of ‘wisdom’ that arrives in a woman’s life just as hair turns silver at the roots, as is mine. A time, also, of metamorphosis, of eccentricity unleashed, of letting go and, finally, self-loving as you renew your allegiance to the one heart that never abandoned you, never let you down, always had your highest evolution covered. Wildly messy locks and threaded daisies hint at a return to girlishly carefree times yet forget-me-nots lie hidden underneath that hair; they just didn’t seem to want to say on the surface, like a hint that its time to let go of the past. A celebration of the return of the Divine Feminine in paint; this piece has been a deeply transformational journey in search of myself at this key time of life; completed in many slowly (sometimes painfully) evolving layers, days of gruellingly close self-scrutiny and pure channelled inspiration. I recommend the process to all women.

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