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“Transience”. I wanted to capture the fragile, other-wordly beauty of some quite tiny blue flowers that appeared, self-seeded, in the cracks of my patio in the late summer. For over a month, this tiny plant produced 2 to 3 flowers each morning….only for the petals to scatter to the winds by lunchtime, every time. Yet, rather than be sad, I was only struck by how this quality of “here one minute, gone the next” was part of their especial beauty; affording them a quality of bridging realities and somehow being in both at the same time. ⁣
⁣They seemed to glow in the knowledge of their own purpose; their petals perfectly formed and proud to the sky one minute, turned to confetti on the wind a short time later…only to repeat the next day. Meanwhile, this miniature plant gripped and gripped on to its tiny crack, standing tall. Its worldly strength and tenacity, combined with its other-worldly fragility and total, unquestioning, acceptance of mortality, had something to say to me and I wanted to convey this in an artwork….the is-ness and the other-ness, all at the same time.⁣


Transience is a new artwork in my Flora collection, prints and cards available.

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