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The perfect storm


Is there such a thing as the perfect storm? This oh-so serene swan brought such a thing to mind. Content and self-focussed as a fiesty “storm” of blossom blew down onto her, for all the world like a heavy blizzard of snow or ice, and yet this storm was so benign that she hardly noticed. It was like looking at one of those snowshaker ornaments…the phrase “storm in a teacup” also occured to me.

So is it really possible to weather any storm and glide on through when we achieve this kind of grace, serenity and focus…the blows of life no more than soft petals on the breeze? Can all the light and dark in the world (sometimes far more of one than the other…) pass us by unbothered when we become so mindful and self-aware? I like to think so…and then perhaps the whole picture of light and shade becomes far more harmonious and beautiful as a result.

This is a digital painting with similar brushstrokes and texture to a painting on canvas. Prints available.

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