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For the love of birds


Over the coming months, I will be sharing some brand new artworks on the theme of English garden birds since I have such an ongoing love aiffair with them.

This first one, entitled Sacred Song, was inspired by an experience I had with a robin a few weeks ago when the timely encounter I had with this bird, as it sang on a branch so very close to me that I could see the vapour coming from his mouth, felt like a portal between dimensions. Birds do that very thing…bringing in and giving voice to sacred frequencies that we might otherwise miss. I wanted you to almost be able to hear this bird and sense the sacredness of the space just by looking at the image.⁣

More artworks will be added to the series soon (and will be added to the Fur, Feather and Wing gallery as soon as they ready)…several are already in the pipeline so watch this space.

Prints, in various sizes and formats, framed or unframed etc, can be ordered straight off the artwork page. This one is available to order HERE.

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