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Stand alone beauty

by Helen White in Art for sale, Painting subjects

We were on a visit to Kensington Palace when the concept of this artwork came to me. I had been in search of the essence of Diana yet didn’t find her in the palace, with its queues, its security checks and paranoia (we watched a couple of security-related scenes play out as we sipped our coffee outside) nor did I find her in the garden, not even in her favourite sunken garden, which was chained off from public access. In fact, I had the distinct feeling that this was never really her place as we walked away across the park in all the bitter cold of March.

It was then that my eye was caught by this startling tree; quite different to all the rest planted for their size and grandeur, and which seemed to shine from within against the slate grey London sky. This stand alone beauty was quite unforgetable and I knew I had found the subject of my next artwork. Fragile seeming yet somehow formidable, with the kind of inner beauty that cannot be diminished by surroundings and by no means a conformer, here too was the essence of Diana.

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