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‘Light on Art’

by Helen White in Uncategorized
A new blog-home for my art related posts has just been born! Light on Art is a new addition to my existing clutch of blogs and will focus entirely on art and the art-making process, keeping things fresh and visual. While I will continue to post news announcements in this space, I will be using the Light on Art platform to present my work in a new, refreshing and visual way.
Please do hop over there and take a look (and to sign up for an email subscription) and, to make it easier for you to explore all of my writing spaces, I am including a list and description of all of my blogs below. 
Light on Art – all about my art, my art-process and art in general
Scattering the Light – the space where art meets life, health and musings about everything
Health Reunited – healthy living blog focusing on the positives of recovery from chronic illness 

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